What Is Reality? [Official Film]


Exploring the concept of reality and its subjective nature.

Key Insights

Reality is subjective and can be influenced by perception.

The brain constructs reality based on sensory inputs.

Quantum physics challenges traditional views of reality.


Subjectivity of Reality

The video delves into how reality is not an absolute concept but varies from person to person based on their perceptions and experiences. It highlights the role of individual perspectives in shaping one's reality.

Brain's Role in Constructing Reality

The film explores how the brain processes sensory information to create a coherent reality. It discusses how our perceptions, memories, and beliefs influence the way we perceive the world around us.

Impact of Quantum Physics

Quantum physics introduces the idea that reality is not as solid and predictable as previously thought. It challenges the classical Newtonian view of the universe and suggests a more fluid and interconnected reality.

Illusions and Deceptions

The documentary touches upon how illusions and deceptions can distort our perception of reality. It emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and questioning the validity of our experiences.